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April 25, 2018

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Over the course of the last couple years, I’ve received about 500 questions about my glasses, whether that’s from people online or people I see when I’m out and about. (I can almost guarantee that I’ll get asked about them by at least 1 person when I’m out.) I’m pretty sure all of that requires a blog post.

(If you can tell what book is in these photos, you’re awesome. This is one of my favorite stories from this book, and I didn’t even realize I was on those pages until I was editing these pics.)

While the original style of my frames is no longer sold anywhere, I’ll link an almost identical pair below:


These are from the Maker Edition by Warby Parker. I was so excited to show off this collection, mostly since it’s all about something that I love supporting: the artist.

“For our newest made-in-Japan collection, we’re turning—and deservingly so—the focus back to the makers. The level of craftsmanship has never been higher.
Each titanium frame is precision-welded by hand and entirely hand-finished, with custom tooling to get the dimensions and details just right.”
I like to think of my glasses as more of an accessory instead of something that’s only purpose is to fix an impairment I have. Trust me, I’ve had some UGLY glasses in my 10+ years of glasses wearing, and I wish that glasses this cute would’ve existed when my 6th grade self was told that my vision sucked and I had to become a 4-eyes.
These glasses are so high quality, and they’re so gorgeous. If you’ve been wanting to invest in a new pair of specs, try Warby Parker! Through their home try-on feature, you can have 5 pairs of glasses sent to your house for free to try before you decide on a pair.
It’s actually almost time for me to get a new pair. Which ones should I get? Which ones are your favorite?



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