Let me start by saying that I am probably the pickiest person in the entire world when it comes to my jewelry and accessories. Yes, I was THAT person that picked out my own engagement ring. Being that picky (and being a minimalist) is why the only pieces of jewelry I own are a small pendant necklace and my wedding rings.

When I decided months ago that I wanted a watch so I could stop looking at my phone for the time, I went digging around every corner of the interwebs. It seems like nowadays, watch shopping as a female ends with “how many rhinestones do you want?” and “rose gold metal is your ONLY option.” If you know me, you know that shiny pink things are the complete opposite of my personality, so finding a unique watch that I love has been crazy difficult.

In comes JORD Watches.

Not only are their designs beautiful, but they’re hand-made out of WOOD. As someone who appreciates anything involving the outdoors and nature, being able to wear a piece of God’s creation on my wrist everyday is a huge win for me. I have gotten so many compliments on this watch, and the fact that they’re so high-quality and sustainably and beautifully made makes me so excited to share everything about it with everyone who asks.

JORD is based in St. Louis, MO – a place that I am very familiar with and have visited countless times in my life (I lived 1.5 hours away from it for 21 years.) After seeing that, I felt so much closer to this brand, and much more thrilled to share this watch with you.

The watch that I have is the Cassia Series in Ebony & Sable. I love that it’s not too bulky for my tiny wrist. I was able to get it sized so it arrived and fit perfectly the second I put it on. It also has my initials engraved in the wood on the backplate, which is so cool! You can get the wooden box that it comes in engraved as well. How amazing of a Christmas gift would that be?! It’s such a minimal design, which was another big factor for me when I was looking for a watch. I wear it every single day, and since it’s primarily black, it goes with everything.

Even though this design is more minimal, JORD has great options if you ARE a girly-girl and looking for something pink and shiny or something with a little more color. They have wood options ranging from something as light as maple to as dark as ebony. (Although, if you’re anything like my husband, black is your best friend.) JORD carries some pretty amazing men’s watches also. I’m seriously thinking about getting Matt one for Christmas so we can match. When I say that they have a watch for everyone, I’m not kidding.

Now for the best part – you have the chance to WIN $100 TO JORD!

All you have to do is click HERE and enter! Don’t worry if you don’t win though. Even if all you do is enter the giveaway, you’ll automatically get 10% off of your JORD purchase! Save yourself some money, honey.

The giveaway ends on November 25th at 11:59 pm CST, so make sure you enter! Your 10% off code and the $100 grand prize will expire on December 9th, so get your holiday shopping done ASAP!

I know you guys would love these watches as much as I do, and I’d love to see you wearing one. Visit JORD’s website and let me know which watch is your favorite. If you decide to rock one, tag me in your photos on Instagram! I’m going to be showing you more of how I style mine on my own Instagram, so follow along, and follow JORD.


Wooden Wrist Watch



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