Anyone who knows me knows I love Jesus and music. Put Jesus and music together, and you get something pretty great. I have to say, over the years, I’ve gained a true appreciation for GOOD music – well-written lyrics, overall great tone, REAL instruments, etc. Maybe it’s because I married a guy that’s basically a sound engineer in his free time. Who knows?

Because of that, I am pretty picky when it comes to what songs I keep on repeat, especially when it comes to worship music. I want to feel something when I listen to it, and while I’m sure there are plenty of people that love “Christian Radio” music, it’s not necessarily my favorite. Why? Because I don’t truly connect with a lot of poppy, fluffy, feely-goody Christian Radio. (Sorry, Toby Mac.)

I’m also not judging if you love that kind of music! To each their own.

However, if you’re like me, and you want good Christian music to listen to that doesn’t just sound like a pep-talk with some synth behind it, this is a blog post for you.


‘Psalm 23’ by Crossing Worship

I am slightly biased when it comes to this song, I’ll admit. This song (and the entire album this song is on) was written by some awesome people that I went to church with back in Missouri. The vocals on this song were also done by my best friend’s husband. Shoutout to you, Andy Rhea. You’re great.

When my church in MO announced they were releasing their own music, I was so excited. This is by far my favorite song on the album, partially because Andy sang it, and partially because Psalm 23 is my favorite Psalm. When I played keys on the worship team at that church, we played this song a ton, and Andy always led and played banjo. (You knew it was going to be an A+ worship set if the banjo was on stage.)  It’s a good one. Listen to it.


‘Testimony’ by The Belonging Co. (feat. Cody Carnes)

If you haven’t listened to any of TBCo’s worship album, now would be a good time to start. Matt and I have visited The Belonging multiple times, even before we moved to Nashville, and it’s always been awesome. Henry and Alex Seeley are the lead pastors there and God is definitely doing some amazing things through them and the church.

In February of 2017, they played a live show at The Ryman Auditorium and turned that concert into this album. I’m a big fan of just about all of the songs, even though I wish Hope Darst was the one who sang ‘Peace Be Still’ instead of Lauren Daigle. (Sorry, Lauren.) If you have heard one of The Belonging’s songs, it’s probably that one. Hope always sang it when we visited The Belonging, and no one can sing it like that girl can. However, Testimony is the song on that album that resonated with me the most, and it’s been a favorite ever since it was released.


‘Sinking Deep’ by Hillsong Young & Free (LIVE)

Ok. This is my favorite worship song. EVER. I think a lot of the reason I’m partial to it is because it’s 100% piano for 3/4 of the song. Not only is it the first real song I learned how to play on piano, but it’s also my favorite song to play on piano. The lyrics are also 10/10.

You’ll notice that the word ‘live’ is in all caps. That’s because the live version is SO much better than the studio version. The studio version is just piano, but the live version turns into a full-band song before the second bridge, and it’s incredible. I could go on and on about this song, but really, you just need to listen to it to see what I mean. You won’t regret it.


‘Jesus Paid it All’ by Kristian Stanfill (Passion LIVE)

If there’s one “Christian Radio”-ish song that I actually love, it’s this one. Again, the live version is always better than the studio version. This one I love for the lyrics. The music is good, but the lyrics are life-changing. If you’ve never heard this song before, I’d put money on it that it’ll make you cry. This song has made me cry more times than I can count.


‘How He Loves’ Song Story by John Mark McMillan

There is no worship song like this worship song. You could listen to every single version of this song that was ever made, but none of them would come close to being as good as the live version done by John Mark McMillan after he told the story of how and why he wrote this song.


I had to get that out there. This is not a Crowder song. Everyone thinks Crowder wrote it. He didn’t. (Sorry, David.) John Mark wrote it, and it’s flipping amazing. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

This particular version of this song is not on Spotify, it’s on YouTube. Click HERE to watch it. It’s worth your time; I promise.


Well, those are my top 5. I have quite a few more, and I’ve made a Spotify playlist containing more of my all-time favorites. You can click HERE to listen to it! What are your favorite worship songs? Let me know.




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