Last year, I did a ’23 Things I’ve Learned at 23′ post, and I figured I’d keep the tradition going since my birthday was on the 5th. Everything on this list is different than what last year’s held, and I’m actually kind of impressed that I thought of 24 new things that I’ve learned. I guess being 24 isn’t too bad.


1. Your words can be weapons. Learn when it’s a good time to share your opinion, and when it will do more harm than good.

2. Forgive people. You’ll be happier.

3. Spending more money on living a healthy lifestyle now will be worth it when you’re old.

4. Life is going to happen and time is going to continue moving forward, so don’t worry about things that probably won’t even happen. Easier said than done, I know. But be intentional about not stressing over the little things.

5. Reading your Bible is not an obligation, it’s strengthening your relationship with your Creator.

6. Running away from arguments fixes absolutely nothing. Respectful confrontation when it’s needed is a good thing. Being passive-aggressive is not.

7. You will go through periods where you have no flipping clue what you’re doing with your life, and that’s ok. Listen to God. He’ll give you your next step.

8. Life isn’t a popularity contest. Focus on loving people well instead of trying to gain a following.

9. Unfollowing people that don’t improve your daily life will make you less stressed.

10. Being a minimalist is the greatest thing in the world.

11. Hotels are freaking expensive. Why?

12. People aren’t going to stop judging you, but you do have the power to stop their judgements from affecting you.

13. When your true friends get to the point of having children, they will still be your friends after the baby is born. You just now have another little friend to love on. Cherish it.

14. Buying something with the intention of fixing it up works on houses, but it doesn’t work in relationships.

15. Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t automatically mean it’s higher quality.

16. Giving away knowledge means giving someone a free opportunity to grow in ways they might not have thought they could.

17. Corgis are still the most adorable dogs in the entire world. (I’ve wanted one for almost 10 years, and fingers crossed that I’ll be adopting one this year.)

18. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a pedicure every once in awhile.

19. Having self-motivation is so important.

20. I’m more of a dress person than I thought I was. From 5th-9th grade, I refused to wear them, and now I’d wear them everyday if I could.

21. Taking breaks when you know you need them > working through and producing not-so-great product.

22. The mountains truly are my happy place.

23. I didn’t realize how “small town” minded I was until I moved to a big city. Visiting/living in more diverse parts of the country can change how you see a lot of things.

24. Generosity goes a long way. Even if you can’t donate money, donate time or your talents.




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